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Our Mission

Stability, integrity, flexibility, reaction time, and sincere dedication are all characteristics of MBM that set us apart from others in the industry.  Member's has a mission to exceed client's expectations and develop state of the art techniques and systems that deliver intangible value for our clients.


Our Vision

All companies are known by their name; MBM believes that a good reputation is earned and must be maintained.  In our business today, it is imperative that a company provides competitive pricing, yet price alone does not guarantee performance or customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to establish a work force that is knowledgeable, efficient and can accomplish their tasks in a safe and timely manner.  We consider ourselves an expert in reducing our customer's costs while maintaining quality service.

Our Philosophy

We service a wide array of business facilities including churches, schools, large and small commercial office buildings, retail properties, call centers, municipalities and medical facilities. Our janitorial staff is well informed and trained, using the latest methods in our industry such as video, classroom, and demonstrations with input from our suppliers.  All our products are non-toxic and safe to use in any type of cleaning environment.

Please contact us toll free at (800) 258-8283 for a free estimation.